Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Turn up your radio.

Just a friendly reminder ... if you listen to that little station I deejay for, you already know Radiothon has been in full swing since last Saturday. If you're new to this scene, you ought to know that we beg and plead for listener's pledges a couple times a year because we would not be able to stay on the air otherwise. Quite honestly, there are few stations out there like us left. Over 50% of our expenses come from normal people that listen to KRCL, who believe in what we're doing and donate what they're able to keep us going. We've been around for 29 years and, well, isn't that something? I tend to think so.

I'll ask once here, because I know there are at least a couple of people here who listen to the station ... so, if you like the show I've done for the past year and change, come out of the shadows and show your support with some dollars. I ain't shy. Do it via the web anytime this week or by calling during my show on Thursday night (8 to 10:30). I'm honestly curious to see what kind of support comes my way during the show. Surprise me, yeah? And come over and help answer phones if you'd like.

I've been around KRCL for four years or something, playing my collection of songs to those who will listen. I first wanted to be a DJ in the 8th grade, but quickly decided it wasn't something I could make money doing. I thought it over and decided that the best situation would be being able to play the songs I liked versus something I was told to play (parallels my wanting to be an ice cream driver that played his own brand of rock 'n roll muzak, yes). Fast-forward a bit and here I am. I'm realizing an old dream as I play my friends in local bands over the airwaves and showcase the new stuff that hits me square between the eyes during the week. What's more, I'm doing it for free. Most of us there are. I like that sharing part. You may ask ... am I passionate about what it is I do? Oh, yeah. You betcha. I'm not much for politics or sports, but I'll drop anything to listen to a new artist or song or to head out to a good concert. It's just where my heart happens to be.

Thanks in advance.


frog said...

I was trying to wait to pledge during your show, but this morning I thought David P. was going to cry at one point............. It's too hard to hear a grown man cry at 6:30 in the morning.haha

John-E-Boi said...

Completely aside from your post, I totally appreciate the way you write.

It always draws me in.

Dainon. said...

Thanks for that. Mark Twain said a writer could live for a good week or two on a good compliment. I totally believe that, too.