Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 hours in Vegas is perfect.

$20 to see Santogold in Vegas at House of Blues on a Saturday night? No-brainer. The happy fact Mates of State ended up opening did everything in the world to make the entire five hour experience (Low vs. Diamond and Alice Smith were on hand to open for the openers) an even better one. They make the happiest music ever. Buy their latest and try to contest that ... go ahead and try. There were sore backs and confiscated cameras that needed checking before going in and unusually cold winds along the Strip, yes. BUT, there was an In 'n Out burger and fries and shakes inhaled on the way and muzak made for dancing to and friends who were kind enough to lend an air mattress for a five-hour nap before having to head back.

The part that made my night, though, had to have been when the husband-and-wife duo Mates of State brought out their little girl for the last song of their set, a rousing number called "The Re-Arranger." (you can see video here of a similiar happenstance) She had on her wee headphones and a tambourine to fit her tiny frame and she just banged away and danced through the whole song, with mom on the keyboards and dad on the drums. It was cute enough to make me want to throw up on the spot. Or to follow suit and be a babymaking musician or something. Guess these kinda music scenes are enough to bring out the old softie in me.

Thanks, Mates of State. Thanks, Vegas.


emj said...

um, confiscated cameras, kess?

bjean said...

Sounds fun. Did you go all by yourself? ;)

I bet I would have made it to the blog if we'd done the Johnny and June drive through.

Lizbot said...

I can't believe I wasn't invited, Vegas being my home and all. Shame on you.

I saw Mates of State in San Fran many moons ago. They were great then, so I bet they're even better now. And incorporating their daughter into the show?! Wow.

aisy said...

that kid is cute. i want one... well just for a 4 minute music set.

Nicole said...

who did you go with? sound fun.