Wednesday, October 01, 2008

All my stars aligned.

I got home tonight after having spent two hours and change over at Slowtrain (aka the local music store I should've biked to on a loverly night like this one). Ran into a couple of old friends while I was there and did more chatting and catching up and jawing about our various music tastes than I did browsing the aisles, which is absolutely fine by me. Even still, made it out of there spending a bit too much, considering the sad state of my bank account ... but I snagged the new Avett Brothers, one from a Portland-based band I saw perform Monday night called Musee Mecanique, as well as the deluxe edition (!) of TV On The Radio's most recent, Dear Science. Since the band nearly made my head explode from overstimulation a couple of weeks ago when they dropped by Salt Lake, I figgered it was the best Thank You I could send back in their direction. Came with a limited edition lithograph that's gonna look right nice on these walls, even. (The fact Chris and Anna tossed in Jenny Lewis' "The Next Messiah" on vinyl was just some extra icing on my cake.)

So here's the crazy part. Came home to learn I'd won the vinyl version of TVOR's Dear Science from a contest on Gorilla vs Bear of all places. On the very night I purchased the CD in the store. That's some crazy parallel in the universe, that is. I think there's some message in there I just need to properly decode ... something about how spending a bit more than you're able on music might not save the flagging economy all at once, but you will be repaid in kind. Or, you know, in vinyl ... whichever is more readily available.

Thank you, universe.

and MAN! this one's perty ... thanks for alerting me to this one, Heather ... seeing this certainly played into my picking up a copy of The Avett Brothers' latest ...

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