Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do fluent you to speaka thank the Engrish leopard?

So I've been in the process of trying to plan a long business trip to the island of Borneo next month, which will include a couple of stops at Bangkok and Hong Kong on the way there and back (ees for FUN) and, well, it's really pretty exciting to see it finally all coming together. (Maybe I'll even have a camera by then? Who knows?) I've seen plenty of this big wide, world in the past few years, but folding myself into a whole different culture and lifestyle for a couple weeks just doesn't get old for me. Especially when, in researching the sights and sounds of the beautiful place, you come across a page online that, while it reads in English, it almost sounds like a different dialect altogether. I read things yesterday that very nearly caused me to cry with laughter. Is it because I am a working man of letters and words and all that goes with it? Maybe. I could share a whole lot of good stuff along these lines, but I'll go ahead and share my top three passages, uncovered just yesterday. These are too, too priceless.

The capital is Sarah Vana alone extremely modern city in the center of the jungle, there are picturesque buildings, a national museum. It is much as well on the cardinal drive hilariously.

You can almost tell what is trying to come out of his or her typing fingers until that "hilariously" bit at the end, which either causes confusion or, if you're me, causes you to laugh ... hilariously.

The birds are so alone as everything other as well. They live in 518 kinds of birds. There are lot of animals - Pongo Pygmies, elephants, leopards, rhinoceros …. Some they are risky to the humans.

The poor birds! Why must the birds be alone? I wonder if they're included in the rest of those animals that are risky to the humans? I guess there's only one way to find out.

And now, the best is saved for last ...

To the island there is as well a waterfall, he is being found in the park. It has as well a high home of the development. He is a thing as “Eiffel Tower” of France. On an island Borneo you mixed and live suspension among the lovely hotels, exotic nature and animals. You will see of this challenging junketing new discoveries and pictures about the world. Dickinson tell for Borneo island that a greenhouse, made by the universe, is enormous, wild, pell - mell and rich.

Wow. Just ... wow. There are no words. No more words, rather. Those are enough. Unless you want to read the full page in all its glory over HERE. Be my guest.


frog said...

The spelling mishaps would be so funny if I could get over my total JEALOUSY! My parents just got back from there. I bet it's really cool.......... sniff sniff......

sir mister landlord sir said...

I didn't know that "junketing" was a word until now. They are speaking with a superior vocabulary, that is all.

Ashley said...

Sometimes my students--students who have been speaking English all their lives--write like that. But with them, it's not funny, it's just frightening.

Have fun on your trip, mister.