Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heavy Like Sunday.

So, you may have heard Ray LaMontagne is coming to town. No? Well, that's mostly right, even if he's going to be at that horrifically smelly Saltair instead of, say, the intimate Murray Theater, where he was originally set to throw down and make our small gathering of devotees merry. Eh, I'm over it. I shall be there to greet him by yelling out his long name and giving him my loudest "woo-hoos" after the songs I like best. It's what you do for musicians, don'cha know? You go hoarse or go home. It's what makes them smile.

Leona Naess will be opening things up, though, and it's a good thing, too ... she sounds so pretty in my ears. Since I first got an EP of hers attached to a Rolling Stone magazine 8 or 9 years ago, she has sorta had this ability to mesmerize me. Yes, I truly believe she may even have the voice of an angel. An angel that writes really pretty well. I'm going to go hang out with her at the radio station in a few hours and maybe even coerce her into singing "Northern Star" if I get brave enough. I doubt I'll ask her out, but I'm pretty positive I'm less crazy than that ex of hers, some cad named Ryan Adams. (You can buy her album HERE if you want it ... it's gooo-oo-d)

See you at the show tonight, yeah?


aisy said...

love it. her voice. the lyrics. more please.

emj said...

this is one of my favs off the new album...tonight is gonna be so so good!

DJ said...

Shes real nice D...real nice!

nic said...

So...how was it? I'm surprised I didn't see a follow-up on your concert. Did you go with a group of you or what? By the way, love the WW!