Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm getting back into getting back into you.

Leave a man alone in his thoughts at night and he’ll come up with some real gems. So, after the zucchini stir fry and pasta sauce for one (note: hold the extra strong garlic pepper blend next time), I’ve had some time to sit on my soft chair and meditate. I’ve liked it. I could probably have spent it on the TV (if I ever watched it) or in the three-and-a-half unwatched Netflix movies or nuzzled up with that new used Nick Hornby book I snagged but, mostly? Mostly, I’m pretty content to listen to the outdoors and feel the air passing through the screen door, making itself right at home on my feet. This is my music. I could do this for hours into the twilight if I let myself.

Tonight instead finds me thinking of two of my friends who got hitched recently. And, when I say recently, I mean, oh, four or five days ago. And, when I call them friends, I mean that I am friends and family with both … one because he has a kindly, picture-taking grandma who is the older sister of my late grandmother and the other because she is a proud member of the mostly-defunct Shaved Belly Band that I once had the chance to front (and, no, we didn't ... it was just a really cool name, okay?). They’re in Costa Rica now, likely covered in sunscreen, barefoot and piecing together their new forever-after life. It makes me happy. It practically makes me proud. It’s a rare thing to be such good friends with both husband and wife, you know? I almost want to be responsible for this somehow, though I'm not.

Statistically speaking, it’s almost as rare a thing to see two kids over the age of 30 tie the knot. So, whenever that happens, I can’t help but be a little more pleased than if they’d just stumbled into this new way, all wide-eyed and curious, in their early 20s. They’ve had every chance in the world to be jaded as a result of the pitfalls of marriages that surround them and have their hearts broken a-thousand ways to Sunday, and yet, they go for it anyway. There’s real courage in that. So it goes beyond my being happy or thinking similar thoughts for my own mystery of a future … it compels me to like them more than I did before. Good thing they’s family—I get a front row seat to seeing how this one plays out.

And, with that, the Silver Jews are drowning out my silence. I must go and pay attention to David.


plainoldsarah said...

i hear you on the "proud parent" feeling. it was a real honor to be a part of that celebration.

Lizbot said...

Man, your quiet, alone-time moments sound good and productive. The other night I chose mind-numbing tv on dvd over MY new/used Nick Hornby book I recently bought.

I have GOT to step it up.