Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Good, I'm Gone.

How I never saw this before is absolutely beyond me. Granted, Lykke Li has only been on my radar for the past six months or so, but this is a real achievement in music videos. You've got silver-painted female (I think) bodybuilders/drummers, erratic dancing in a deserted high school hallway, lotsa boxing, the coolest old people you've ever seen acting as backup dancers/singers, two little pioneer-era girls that have rattles in their shaking heads and on and on. It helps that the song is pretty catchy, of course, but this one seems part music video, part horror film. Compelling, freaky, hilarious, artistic stuff to take in. It's plenty to take in in just over 3 minutes time.


bjean said...

I wish I was Lykke Li.

frog said...

I'll be hooked on this for a while.