Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've got costume block.

People hold to some pretty bad reasons to hate on Halloween. Heard one last night that revolved largely around hating the holiday simply because others decorate with spiders. Please. How can you hate a holiday that means lots and lots and lots of candy, no matter how old you get? I never will. I love it for reasons that go beyond candy corn. I like my chance to fold myself into a new persona for a night (or, well, a few nights) out of the year. I simply have a hard time coming up with new ideas for costumes.

Being a tiny Santa Claus as a four-year-old was really pretty awesome, right down to the mom-made beard and pillow serving as my jolly belly. Being Karate Kid was a good year ... it was akin to wearing pajamas all day long. Also good idears: Frankenstein, Elvis (three years), werewolf in a tux, Dracula, hobo, pirate, hot cop and on and on (in fact, my post on my cop experience last year still manages to get visited fairly regularly, don't ask me why).

Now, I'm not one to ask for ideas. I think that takes all the originality right out of the equation. But this year the idea well seems a little on the dry side. I could go 70s (I've the suit and afro wig to manage that) or I could be Sarah Palin with a beard (adding my own brand of Alaskan oomph). Maybe, just maybe, I'll be both. Just not simultaneously, mind you. I guess I've a few days to come up with something amazing, but the chances just seem pretty slim. Time will tell.

Photo comments: I believe older sis Nicole (far left) is being a punk version of Jo from Facts of Life, though I can't quite rightly tell. Melody is the scariest little Annie-fied witch I've ever seen in my life ... it's all in that creepy expression. Kilee's a mash-up of a hand-me-down clown (made from an old sheet) and Pippi Longstocking (the old hanger-in-the-braids trick is always a favorite). I'm Dracula in cords, with a cardboard tie that stayed mid-chest for some reason (ah, to be able to buy my costume in one readymade bag again). Cousin Jonathan is SuperPampersBoy or something ... again, I can't rightly tell.

As for this other one below, Melody is proudly wearing that same clown costume Kilee was sporting, though she's wearing her own hair (sprayed rainbow colors for effect). She also removed her arms for the night, because she didn't feel that being a clown all on its own was scary enough. Me? I'm about to karate Crane kick your face off. The fact my hands are resting on my hips is all a diversionary tactic.


Nicole said...

I have to say, Mel is creeping me out (both pics!).

Mel said...

You guys are mean! Mom says I should retaliate. Truth be told, you are both right I guess, except that being my real hair Dainon, though it's not too far from the truth unfortunately.

Dainon. said...

Oh, it is so. Quit trying to save face ... clown face, that is.

ZLB said...

be an eyebrow. or your favorite punctuation mark. hopefully i'll just be done with my thesis . . .that might be the best costume ever.