Thursday, November 27, 2008

Homeward bound.

It's about time to put this trip to bed, but not before the 20+ hours of layovers and flights starting in a just a few. It's been real nice, this has, but it'll be all kinds of comforting to get back to the sights and sounds I can usually associate with this season. Give me cinnamon and pumpkin and cranberries o-plenty. I had my wee Thanksgiving feast in Hong Kong yesterday (a nice dose of Pad Thai and spring rolls), but I think I will be plenty thankful for sleeping in my bed not long from now. It's what I'll dream of on the naps I grab on the airplanes. Still, you know, it's been all kinds of beautiful. I do believe I'm a little bit more in love with this old world than I was before.

Happy Thanksgiving.


SJ said...

It seems we had a similar T-day feast...though yours was a bit more authentic to the place you stayed.

thefish said...

My pre-Thanksgiving marathon nap during re-run DVD's has finally caught up with me and I am without the heavy eyes of sleep, despite the tryptophan turkey coma I should be in. Perhaps, it also has to do with the silly airmatress that has a hateful leak, and although the cold comforts the floor offers may be good from a chiropractors perspective, nor do I melt into the couch for a deep night rest as I used to, so I too miss my bed.

Happy Thanksgiving D, and a safe flight home. I am sure a slice of pumpkin anything will await your return. And thank you for sharing your most recent adventures.

sir mister landlord sir said...

So you're trading all kinds of beautiful for all kinds of comfortable? Sounds fair.