Sunday, November 16, 2008

I feel my temperature risin'.

My favorite moment of the day happened, well, yesterday. I'm still on a bit of a different schedule than the one Bangkok tells me I should be following, as it's somewhere between 2 and 3 in the morning and I am lucid and awake and I'm both ready and eager to tackle a new adventure. We leave for Borneo in just a few short hours, so perhaps I'm just ahead of the game and already anticipating the next shift.

There's plenty I could go on about here, I suppose, but I'll just share this blip on the radar, one that happened pretty fast, but one I'd also rather didn't leave me very soon. We were on a tour of the popular floating market, having just visited a coconut sugar factory (where I eyed the biggest komodo dragon I've ever seen in the wild living under somebody's house) and taken a fast boat ride through a neighborhood where the houses were all on stilts and they had rivers where roads might normally be. Our guide was convincing each of us to eat some really rather delicious sweet pork and sticky rice when I heard it. It was a song I was all too familiar with, though it didn't ring a bell immediately.

Across the street and in the middle of all the chaos and people that was this amazing place, the store owner playing the song stood in front of his establishment, casually looking around. And he noticed that, even though I hadn't picked up on it immediately, the song was making me move along with it. It happens. He smiled a bit and started to move pretty noticeably himself. And, all at once, it hit me. He was playing an Elvis Presley tune ... and "Burnin' Love" was his poison of choice. We were both dancing and we didn't much care who saw it happening. Ever hear the song? If you have, you wouldn't blame either of us. It's powerful stuff.

And that's it. Even if I wasn't the Elvis lover that I just so happen to be, it's no secret that he makes the magic happen, no matter what country you're in.

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Sherpa said...

Just thinking of you groovin' to Burnin' Love with a shopkeeper and seeing a Komodo Dragon under a house just makes me really happy. Thanks. Now I've got Burnin' Love in my head and I'm groovin' a little here. A good thing.

Jillian said...

That is awesome. We stumbled upon an Elvis impersonator in Bangkok. Pretty sure that made the list of top ten funniest things ever.

Good luck in Borneo. Hopefully you are staying safe from nearby earthshakes and stuff.