Thursday, November 06, 2008

Leapin' Lemurs!

I asked her one of those questions you don't think about before asking it, really, but then there it was, in all its nakedly majestic glory ... and she was forced to either pick up that ball and run with it or give me an odd sidelong glance while wondering what planet I was from. Luckily, she'd given this some thought long, long before I asked her to share. She'd studied up and wanted those gold, stick-on stars by her name for getting the answer right. And, well, she did. Passed that non-test with flying colors. If I could have given her bonus points, I would have. I wanted to hang my head, as I didn't have half as cool an answer as she did. This was, after all, something she embraced passionately, without a question in her mind. This was RIGHT.

If she had the power to be an animal instead of the human she was, she would be a lemur. All I could remember was that they had very dramatic eyes ... it's all I could see in my head, really. Luckily, then, YouTube exists. We found this video and we laughed and marveled and were amazed at their agility. Because, honestly, wouldn't you want to be able to leap a skyscraper in a single bound like a lemur does? Wouldn't you want the world to be your trampoline? Of course you would.

I probably need to marry this girl and honeymoon over yonder in Madagascar, you know, to bring this thing full circle. Beaches and umbrellas in drinks are nothing when you can leap barefoot through the forest amongst the lemurs.


Morley Muse said...

Cool story, but somewhere I missed the beginning and end of it. Why do you leave me wanting to read more of this "Leapin Lemurs" story? Feed my hunger!

Sherpa said...

I love this little sketch. Friend, you write well.