Monday, November 10, 2008

Rain down on me now.

This rain has lasted all day, hasn't it? I heard it when I awoke this morning, right about the time my dreams came to a halt and I hear it drip-drip-dripping outside, even now. It's been a calming number of hours, it really has been. Rain in the wintertime has this impossible ability to make me feel two perfectly different emotions at once. While I don't crave the cold weather of the season or even look forward to it very much, there's something I genuinely enjoy and appreciate about feeling a bit of a chill, hanging out on a Monday afternoon in fleece pajama bottoms and a thrift store cardigan and staring into the gray, unchanging sky outside my balcony window now and again. It creates this sort of emptiness in me that I don't feel when the sun is shining. I can't help but fall into myself some and, today, ponder on those things I lack. It happens. It's not the worst thing in the world, either. I've been going about filling up the emptiness with choir versions of popular music ... thanks to this outfit out of Belgium called Scala & Kolacny Brothers (largely made up of a choir of 60 women between the ages of 16 and 28). They've helped intensify everything this muted day. They are a soundtrack I wouldn't trade for anything or any band. Not now. Last week, it was all about Bonnie "Prince" Billy. Today, though, I'm afraid he had to get bumped.

If you want, you can download their new CD for free over HERE. You just might like it.


Sara said...

I officially love that music. When New Kids season is over, I'm going to listen to it lots.

frog said...

Perfect video for the rainy day yesterday. I watched a couple of times.