Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I did today, an incomplete checklist.

Slept in and missed the now daily tradition to stuff all edible things into my face in the ritual that is the morning breakfast buffet. Managed to scare up a small banana, small mangosteen and delicious mango to make up for it at various points throughout my morning.

Played nine holes of golf in a swimsuit and flipflops as it rained down those warm kinds of raindrops. Learned I can get a ball on the green fairly easily, though my short game needs all kinds of improvement before I go pro. Decided I could make golf a part of my varied lifestyle should I be allowed to do it just like this.

Got roped into some swimming pool volleyball for at least an hour, promptly pretending the entire time that the ball we were using really was one of those regulation volleyballs instead of the kid’s toy that it was. It made spiking it directly into someone else’s face all the more satisfying.

Thought about going to the gym for a second. Ordered a big fat hamburger and strawberry-banana smoothie for lunch and the urge soon passed.

Visited something purported to be a floating restaurant, though it looked like it was just surrounded by water on three sides. Ate a barrage of seafood that was mostly identifiable—sweet and sour soup, jumbo shrimp, big fish, endless clams, chili crabs, and sweet, sweet papaya—all while watching a dancing show across the water. One distributor was all but convinced that our waiter was the one, the only William Hung. Was much too shy and amazed to ask for an autograph.

Talked about the adventure that tomorrow will bring, a safari that will take us through a river where we will see the rare Proboscis monkeys and fight off seagull-sized mosquitoes for as long as humanly possible. Will also try hard for the following scenario NOT to happen. I value having 10 fingers, after all.


thefish said...

See, that guy tried to have a reunion with the feline cub he got a WW photo with. Not a good idea. I am glad I didn't get to see the other side of that video. Youch!

Don't forget the oceans of calamine lotion you are gonna need for them skeeters! Believe me, after 15 yrs of doing the Minnesota Skeeto dance, the pink cream spells all kinds of relief,

nomadic gnome said...

What is this mangosteen that everyone keeps talking about?

Is mangosteen the Next Big Thing?

ram said...

did that guy really try to fend off a tiger with a stick?????