Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today's genius move.

I was on my way out of the gym this morning. I had found a steal on some meal replacement shakes (well, 30% off goes a long way) and had just scored a 2-lb. bin of strawberry deliciousness. The woman who had helped me out was the same peppy blonde who usually greets me in the mornings around 7; she had just called me "hon" (as in Attila The, yes). Really? It made me feel like I should have been holed up in a diner, asking for my coffee to be topped off and telling Alice the 72-year-old waitress to compliment Joe the chef on his fine flapjacks. Seriously. I mean, she was younger than me. Weren't you, hon?

With that in mind—and, quite honestly, little else—I was pushing my way out the door when the same woman, the very front desk gymrat who was a diner waitress in another life, said goodbye. They always do that at my gym, I'm not sure why. Sometimes I ignore them and sometimes I'll grunt a barely audible response. Only difference today was, well, she waved. And, for some inexplicable reason, my natural response was to wave back. When I did, I promptly poked myself squarely in the eye, rendering me momentarily blind. That was my genius move of the day. I'm not sure I can top that. In fact, if I was asked to reenact what happened, I'm not sure I could.

It's been over two hours now and I still being forced to wink at my co-workers. When I'm not confusing them with my wink, I'm squinting like crazy. Man, I'd kill for a patch right now.


Sara said...

My ex-husband used to call me hon. Maybe it means she loves you.

Ems said...

oh that is great. she saw the eye-poke, yes?

Dainon. said...

Maybe? The last thing I saw was her waving before it all went down. Then there was some serious eye watering (not tears) and some stumbling as I walked away. If she laughs at me tomorrow morning, I'll know if she saw it.

sir mister landlord sir said...

And you're sure she wasn't saying "Dainon" with extra aspiration on the last syllable, and really fast?

You should've said, "now that's what I call eye-hand coordination," and she would've thought you were great.

heather said...

that's a special kind of classic.