Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More religiosity.

Remember when this all went down? I do. It's been a few months now and, well, I'm still growing a beard, the reason being that's it's easier to grow one than to not grow one (at least in my world). I, for one, am all for ease.

I was at church this past Sunday (because I do go, provided I can wake up) when I was approached by a guy who was smiling way, waaaay too much. I can't help but be slightly suspicious of the constant smilers. He introduced himself and let on that he was just passing through. Then he let me have it ... he was filled with beard curiosity and he had to let loose. All previous questions had been mere niceties.

Guy Smiley: "If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had your beard?"
Me: "Oh, I dunno ... a few months maybe? It comes and goes."
Guy Smiley: "And do you think you'll keep it for a while?"
Me: "Maybe?"

Weird, right? As it turns out, he does "religious" painting on a fairly regular basis. Finding bearded men hasn't been all that easy for him. So he asked me if I wouldn't mind modeling this old beard at a later date. Took my e-mail and number down and such. Well, why not? I'm all for making this facial hair famous.

I just hope he doesn't paint me as Jesus. My aunt is confused enough as it is.


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Zachery said...

Did you see the This American Life episode called "God is Close Up"? It takes place in Utah, and it is about a Mormon painter named Ben (I think) who re-creates scenes from the Bible and then paints them. He is always trying to find dudes with beards. It would be a long shot, but maybe that is the same guy. If it is, you should watch the episode. His paintings are pretty dope.

sir mister landlord sir said...

I've never wanted a beard as bad as I do now.