Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now featuring: Emily Wells.

A few weeks back, I was able to manage something I ended up really rather proud of. By simply making some calls and sending my share of e-mails, I was able to get a couple of my (new) favorite musicians over to the KRCL studio while they were here as part of the Hotel Cafe tour: Thao Nguyen and Emily Wells. I was lucky enough to be their taxi to and from the station and even introduced them to the glory that is Red Iguana after they played, but that's not even the good part. Even having them allow me to film and crowd their personal space like some kinda borderline stalker wasn't the high point (don't get me wrong, though, it was right up there). Seeing DJs and the handful of employees there actually leave their offices to see what was going on, then reacting like they'd been asleep before they heard the sounds? That was the best moment for me.

When I discovered Emily Wells, it was by hearing a song of hers called Symphony 6: Fair Thee Well & The Requiem Mix. I took to it immediately. I loved it so much that I started playing it on every show I did for a number of weeks. And, each time I did so, I would imagine a barrage of locals calling in, demanding to know who this crazy talented woman was. That never happened. And, yet, when she played ... whether it was her violin or her ukulele or simply tapping out beats on her pedals and such ... some magic slipped into the station. Jaws dropped and the phone lines lit right up. And, just like that, I felt a little validated.

Watch this little video taken that afternoon and then do yourselves a favor and pick up her latest. It's the right thing to do, you know. (oh, and ... if you watch it via the YouTube site ... which you should to see/hear this thing properly ... please watch it in high quality ... pleeeease.)


Naomi Alice & Christian said...

oh my gosh.. incredible! Beautiful! LooOve it! Thank you! (:

Naomi Alice & Christian said...

oh m y gosh... again and again I've got to listen to it... and watch her do her piece of art... just like that. wow

DJ said...

That was awesome! I wish I could have been there to see that.. She is awesome..I'll have to keep an eye out for her to see if she makes it up here to Seattle no!?

R* said...

DJ, you just missed them! hotel cafe tour was at chop suey in early Nov! And yes, they were all incredible.

Found this via barrel of a gun. WOW. you have an awesome job.