Monday, December 22, 2008

Thao Nguyen - Tallymarks.

I thought I'd pull this one out of the vault and share it with the world. As has been previously mentioned, Thao Nguyen stopped by the radio station to jam out for us a while last month. She was immediately charming, playing all requests that were asked of her (three of her four were real live requests) and being really pretty funny without ever trying that hard to be so. Which, not surprisingly, caused the small crowd of DJs acting as her audience to make big fools of themselves. It could have even been the fact she could beatbox or that she would totally lose herself in her songs as well, dancing and flailing and playing her geet ridiculously fast, but we just all seemed to like her a lot more after our hour or two than when she initially came in. Isn't that how it should be? I mean, she nailed it. Everything. This song ... "Tallymarks" ... is off her first album; it's also the very song that made me one of those immediate fans.

Oh ... as stated before, please just go to YouTube and watch this gem in HIGH QUALITY, as it ought to be viewed. Throw up some stars and rate it, too, but only if you feel so inclined.


emj said...

...but it's still really great though...

Dainon. said...

You're just happy it got dedicated to you, yes?

"This is for Emily ... not THAT one, the other one ..."