Friday, January 23, 2009

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains.

I've liked seeing Seattle's Fleet Foxes grow from what seemed fairly humble beginnings to a band that almost everybody has heard of or shares some sense of familiarity with. The boys (cause, really, they still are) peek out from magazines through their bangs and proudly display their unshaven faces and it seems like this should have happened all along. Saw them in Urban Lounge just last year and there were less than 30 people there to enjoy the moment along with me. Now they're opening for Wilco finding themselves on talk shows and Saturday Night Live and the like. I, for one, think they deserve all that comes their way. They bring more to the wide, weird world of music than most—no matter how many times I hear them blend their voices together sans instruments, I never fail to be amazed. And, now that the media and the rest are catching on, beautiful videos like this one are getting made. I can't help but shake my head and whisper, "Finally." I mean, it doesn't quite match how flat-out awe-inducing that the music is, but it comes dangerously close.

click on it in YouTube to watch it in glorious HD


Beloved Inamorata said...

B E A utiful =)

SJ said...

I don't often blog about music, or mention it really, but I love, love, love Fleet Foxes.

Something in their music has touched the very core of me. Blue Ridge Mountains and Tiger Mountain Peasant Song are my favorites.