Friday, February 27, 2009


Once upon a time (okay, just last week), I applied to land the Best Job in the World. I was on my deathbed when I made my little video application, but I was determined to have my shot. Sent it in an entire week early. Then, less than two days before the deadline, I was e-mailed and told they only received 29 seconds of it, so they were rejecting it. Told me to take heart and re-send it. And I tried, oh, about 50 more times. Even woke up every hour the final night to try, try again. By this time, however, their site was so busy, I ended up being shut out. I never really got to apply.

Funny thing, though ... I was a little relieved. I had done all I could do and now I didn't have to think about it anymore. There will be another journey for me, but it won't be this one.

This blurb was in an article in the news this morning, which does give me some solace.

"Anthony Hayes
, Tourism Queensland's chief executive, said a wave of 7,500 applications hit the Web site in the 72 hours before Monday's deadline.

"This massive amount of traffic understandably slowed the site down and regretfully some people weren't able to get their video application in on time," he said. "It has been frankly heartbreaking because people have gone to so much trouble, and we have lost some fantastic applications. But to be fair to everyone, we have to be consistent."

No real way around that, right? Anyway, my application is a little silly, but if you want to see my 58 seconds that were never seen in their entirety, go HERE and enjoy. I'm pretty positive I'd have been a contender, especially if they'd have got to the part with the monkey on the couch.


Mel said...

Shoot Dainon! This would have been one sweet job for you.

Cindy said...

Monkey on the couch!!! I would have hired you.

carly said...

technically "you" weren't denied.
it was their damn server uploader whatever you want to call it.
your video was sweet.
you should have had the monkey on the couch the whole time. or maybe sitting on top of your head. now THAT would have been awesome.
i'm still waiting for my shortlist questionnaire. it's probably lost in cyberspace somewhere. i'm sure....

Lucy said...

i tried to watch it and YouTube said it's no longer available. I feel denied myself. I want to see your gosh dang video.

Dainon. said...

Maybe they don't let you watch it in Costa Rica. They figger you should be spending your time peeing on jellyfish stings and what-not. Maybe.

Lincoln said...

I can sympathize. Although my video was accepted, and I got to see it on the site, I did not make it to the next round. So sad.