Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Love.

I've been intermittently intrigued (okay, more like moderately-to-completely obsessed) with this project called Playing For Change, which seeks to unite people all over the world. Easy enough, right? According to its web site, it is a "multimedia movement created to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music." Like this new hopeful nation of ours, I can get behind that kind of ideology. Especially if good music is involved. It's why I watch the smattering of videos they've posted over yonder on YouTube over and over again, trying not to get all choked up. Hey, I'm a man with emotions. This stuff just lifts you to another place, honestly.

Anyway, the documentary/movie and accompanying CD are set to be released in April, so watch for 'em both. You can even find a couple of vids on iTunes right now if you're anxious. And, yes, while I've posted a song from this project before, why not have another taste? Two tastes are so much better than one, after all.


heather said...

you don't get choked up over songs. only wimps do that.

carly said...

you have emotions?



on a serious note, this project is totally awesome and inspiring. i liked going back for seconds. shanks!