Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Song off: I want your love.

UPDATE: This competition is now over. I won ... 21 votes to Heather's 17. Thanks for voting!

I’ve done a couple of these so far and it’s really pretty easy to play along so, once I’ve explained myself real quick-like for the new kids, I hope you’ll do so. I picked a song that made me all weak in the knees and Heather over at FuelFriends did as well. Neither of us knows what the other picked. Please give a listen to ‘em both and tell us which one you like the best and why (and don’t forget that last part … no matter which one you choose, it’s the most fun/interesting thing for these ears to hear, honestly). Just leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Because we’re less than two weeks away from Valentine’s Day, it made sense to go with that whole romance theme this go-round. It’s usually a bit of a mixed bag, you know, but that’s not the case today. Today it’s all about candy hearts that taste like Pepto-Bismol and cheap mystery chocolates and cupid, wielding his bow and arrow.

That said, I’m not so much for love songs. Not usually. However, that’s not the case here. This tune, in its simplicity and honest profession straight from the heart, never fails to hit me. And it hits hard, too. I have to stop all I am doing and listen to what Roberta has to share. I simply have no choice.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack

(and, just for fun) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – George Michael

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the end of the skies

Now, tell me who you picked in the comments section and why. Ready aaaaand GO.


Bryant & Melanie said...

I saw the lyrics for Heather's pick and was leaning that direction. When I listened to it, though, it didn't quite have the passionate "oomph" and emotion in the delivery that I was hoping for. I'm going to have to give this one to Roberta.

upto12 said...

Roberta wins.

tim and brandi said...

Long time listener, first time voter. No offense to Heather, but David Gray for weak in the knees love song? She was out of her league on this one. My vote is for Roberta and it's not close.


i i eee said...

Good call on giving a download link instead of a clip; it won't detract voters from the song.

Hello, Roberta wins. I like Johnny Cash's cover as well.

Why Roberta? The other song is kinda sweet, but it's a little generic for me. But I might be biased because David Gray just reminds me that I should be taking a nap.

Roberta's got her guts on the piano. I'm a sucker for a piano reeking of guts.

Mich said...

My knees began to weaken at the very mention of her name. This song is classic when it comes to professing love. From the very instant she sees, she is smitten. It’s not full of seduction and persuasion; it’s just recalling the series of events that build, like the music, from something personal and internal to something bigger—the joy that will fill the earth. And really, who wouldn’t want to hear that rather than “Hey, baby, You’re Hot!”—I ask you…
Love me some David Gray, but c’mon…Roberta Flack? No contest.

k8 said...

well this is weird. neither one is really doing it for me. and i usually get weak for both of these artists. i'm going to give it to Heather though because Roberta darn near put me to sleep on this one.

(i love that you keep doing these, inspires me to find another sparring partner)

Margot said...

Roberta wins for me. The song is more emotional and poignant to me than Tidal Wave. (Though I should disclose that David Gray's voice will never make me weak in the knees, no matter what the song is...) :-)

tim and brandi said...

I already voted for the two, but like k8, neither were totally inspiring. Turn the lights down and the stereo up as loud as you dare, listen to this and feel your whole body melt.



TC said...

It's Roberta's "First Time" that captured my vote. I posted my choice over at Heather's place too. My decision is based simply on the year 1972, when it was the first time for many things for a 16-year old kid.

Mindie said...

Roberta. Nice choice.

aisy said...

oh me oh my, based on the category you chose, i have to go with roberta. that voice, oh how i wish i had her voice. david gray was nice, sweet, but for weak in the knees it goes to ms. flack

intoxy said...

Take three.

Song Offs confuse me becuase I am not sure if I am supposed to be listening/voting on the music, the lyrics, the voice, the video, the feeling. I take it all in. So I also appreciate the download link (times two).

Not to be unclassy (sorry Cliffdiver) but I was really annoyed that Dainon tried to sway us with the lyrics. Roberta doesn't really need an intro. But then I saw Heather had done the same. So, fair game.

Ahem, I also would suggest just maybe Off with the music only for even more awesomeness. No lyrics, no artist, no song title, just the song. One link. That's all.

Anyway, hands down Heather wins. Her song kicks the your song's ass for Valentine's Day. A man's voice is required to make me weak. And her song is brilliantly written, composed, and delivered. I listened to it and loved it simply for "it." No over-analyzing.

Bite it.

PS. Clearly 2009's Best Love Song is Slow Show by The National. Lyrics and delivery.

erita said...

let's just say, i went weak in the knees as soon as i saw your pick. while david gray's lyrics are one thing, roberta's voice, that emotion--it's a landslide. poor david didn't stand a chance.

heather said...

i can't vote but i just wanted to tell intoxy - yes and amen on Slow Show, that song kills me. i saw it performed live at coachella last april under the hot desert sun and there was a mirrorball over the stage and it was sunset. the golden light hit the mirrorball and sprinkled its reflection over all of us. felt like magic.

and also: it's worth noting how similar both of our songs ended up being, dainon.

Anna said...

Well Dainon, you win again for me! Roberta just speaks to my soul

Ems said...

hmmm...I'm in the camp that neither did much for the weakness in my knees. I'll pick the David Gray though because he could get 16 year old me fairly close to fainting once upon a time.

paul said...

a classic. point: dainon.

Sherpa said...

At first I was going to cry foul-"a standard" v. David Grey? Not even a contest. But I forgot something that makes my vote almost invalid; D and I shared a brain in a past life. We're eerily similar.

Part of me wants to vote for Heather, just because I know how competitive Dainon can be, but that's not a valid reason for voting.

One for Dainon.

Me said...

In my opinion, Heather's should win by, uhhh, a million.

intoxy said...

to heather:
magic? wow. i would have scorched myself in the desert and never spoken another word. because that would have been the pinnacle moment of my life, and the taste i want to have in my mouth when i die.
(okay, a little dramatic....)
i would give up every boyfriend i've ever had or not had to have been there.

Dani said...

Ya know, I don't know that I believe there is a universality to love songs. With break up songs--maybe. "This sucks." "This bites." "I hate my life." No matter how you say it, most people can relate.

But with love songs, I think that the way love is experienced is so individual based on your connection with that person, how far you are in your relationship, where you are in your own life, etc. There are a few love songs that are universal to my experience and that apply to how I feel love in every relationship, but then there are others that apply to only one person and one relationship.

Blah blah blah blah, what I'm trying to say is that neither of these songs came close to how I personally experience love so they weren't that moving to me, but I thought Roberta Flack's came closer.