Monday, February 02, 2009

Times they are a-changin'.

The best thing of note to report is that I’ve started to dream again. This goes far beyond waking up because I think I have a baby alligator biting down hard on my thumb, causing blood to get all over everything (though I did conjure that one up last week.)

This is so much more than my subconscious. There seemed to be a dry spell there for too long a while, but my mind is back to doing that forward thinking again. I am seeing my life as much, much more than it is at present. I see incredible possibilities laid out in a new path. It is not enough to think and consider and wonder. That is all well and good—and I get incredible satisfaction out of that pondering stage—but there must be doing involved at this point. I sound pretty self-motivational, I guess, but there must be dreaming, tackling and seizing if that new beginning is to take place. Sometimes life needs a big, fat overhaul. I’ve reached that point. What comes next will be exciting, whatever and whenever and wherever it is.

My theme this year has been change. No real resolutions ... just that. I seek after it and crave it like crazy. This whole dreaming thing is attached to this, yes. The two go hand in hand.

And, if it isn’t obvious enough already, there is happiness in this. There is hope. I may even start writing poetry again. I’ll have to dust that book off, but it’ll be worth it in the end. My eyes are new, too. Maybe they’ve been dusted off as well?

I wonder if I can put this on the hint of Spring outside? Maybe. Just maybe.


tim and brandi said...

The "change" I'd like to see from you is in your facebook relationship status. I would like the word "single" to change to "in a relationship." Although this is none of my business, it would really, truly make me happy for you Dainon.


Kari V. said...

WOW dainon that all I can say..:) you have a way with words..

Me said...

How strange. I say it's strange because I'm checking your blog today specifically because you made an appearance in my dream last night. It was your first appearance during my slumber. Your dream self visited me in a pleasant, non-intrusive way, so I didn't mind that you hijacked my subconscious mind.

frog said...

I love this.