Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy day, indeed.

I got the opportunity to wake up my soul a little bit the other night when I saw the Calvary Baptist Choir perform. I’d been to their church before, but hadn’t seen enough singing to satisfy my appetite for the music of the spiri’chal kind. I walked out of there more alive than I’ve felt in months. I'm still riding that high even.

Some highlights:

1. Being “blessed” with a free ticket. The line to buy was long, but I had a couple friends volunteering as ushers that night so's they could get in for free, one who sent a man my way when he had an extra ticket to give away. I offered to pay him, but he wouldn’t hear it. Eighth row, smack dab in the middle. Best seat in the house. I will repay the favor some day. Watch me.

2. Being encouraged by the pastor to feel the music with our hips, our hands and our feet. I sat a big portion of the concert by people I didn't know and I wouldn’t have been able to sit still in a concert like that. No way, no how. Giving me permission to clap and sing along and shake my head and tap my feet was all I really needed.

3. The conversation that took place behind me during the intermission.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but this is a spiritual experience for me.”
“It is for me, too. It’s just like when I used to go to church.”
“Well, in my church, they never talked during the performance.”
“Well, I guess you never sat on our row.”

4. Abandoning my seat during the last few songs and hightailing it for the balcony, where standing up and dancing along with one of my ushering friends was a whole lot easier. And, well, more fun. This was, after all, music meant to move you.

5. The finale, which I recorded most of, but couldn’t sit still for any of.

6. And, finally, running into the lady who had endured sitting by me for most of the concert, then discovering she wasn’t mad at me for wriggling in my seat. Not in the least. In fact, as I passed by her, she shouted out, “You’ve got rhythm!”


heather said...

when i die, i kinda wanna be in a place with music like that, all the time. thanks for the lift this mornin. and heck - i couldn't even sit still here in my quiet kitchen. i woulda been dancing in the aisles along with you.


Sherpa said...

I'm so jealous.