Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Thao I trust.

I just got back from a ridiculously fast trip to a wee farm town outside of Boston this weekend. It wasn't so bad there, either, but the plane ride back ... one that included sitting in the back of the bus each time (as in the back row, right near the passengers wee wee wee'ing all the way home) along with a layover in Minneapolis ... didn't exactly set well with me. My eyes are red and squinty and my tailbone is still confused as to where it's residing in my body exactly.

Still, inexplicably, there was a song that bounced around my head for most of the day. John (the photographer on assignment with me) and I took turns humming and singing this tune for pretty much the entire day. And, in honor of that giddy happenstance, I uploaded the video of the song I recorded at KRCL sometime last year. It's totally worth watching, too, if only for that ta-a-a-sty beat boxing happening in the beginning.

Thao will be back in May, too, so make sure you get your tix and get yourselves good and addicted to her songs along with me. It's only right.


Anonymous said...

oh we so should have met up.

heather said...

wait! isn't that emily wells with her? my head just exploded.

Dainon. said...

You so right. Good eye.

ram said...

Watching middle aged men try to imitate her as she sang this in A-town was pretty entertaining.