Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love reign o'er me.

Ever feel like the Universe is attempting to get in touch with you for a reason you don’t quite understand? I can’t say it happens often to me, but when it’s getting laid on thick enough, I almost want to look directly skyward and say, right out loud, “Okay, okay … enough already.”

See, I don’t know that I speak the Universe’s language all that fluently, so it’s a little hard for me to decipher what it is trying to get at. But, for the last several days, the scenes I’m holding onto when out in public are the very open expressions of love that are running rampant. Granted, I don’t live in Europe. There are no star-crossed couples in the middle of cobblestone streets, so unaware of the taxis also using their space that they have to drive around them. But they’re there. There are a lot of them.

I mean, Spring isn’t even here yet.

I see a long, warm embrace between what appears to be a grandpa and his grandson, followed by twin kisses on his cheeks. I see people sharing a step on the escalator, choosing to pay more attention to one another’s mouths than the fact they’re moving upward. I see a father and daughter reuniting after a weekend away from one another and he can’t stop holding her, an act her mom graciously invites. These are nonverbal expressions that need no explanations. They’re just a very few, but they move me.

And, yes, I lack a wife, sure, and I don’t have any children to call my own and my grandpas have passed on, but I don’t think my witnessing these acts are directly tied to them being things I don’t have. Make sense? I have the eyes to see where and how love exists. I get to appreciate that it does. It both amazes me and causes an unexpected hopeful jolt. Maybe that’s all the Universe is saying. Then again, maybe that’s just part of it.

I was in the Phoenix airport last weekend, ready to go through Security Check, and the woman checking a man’s Driver’s License said, “Wow! Mark, you’ve lost some weight! Lookin’ go-o-o-d!” And he laughed and smiled and had his day made, all at the same time. She’d given some of what she had to give to him and, for what I’d venture was a good, long time afterward, he felt loved.

She didn't know it, either, but being within earshot of that happening, well, it sorta made my day, too. I love that.


plainoldsarah said...

i hear you. in fact, i guess you could say she made my day too. reading this post before bed brought me a bit of peace and happiness - like a lullaby. thanks!

sir mister landlord sir said...

Sometimes I think you're a sap. But this, this is just good.

lil' bohemian said...

Apparently your universe and my universe must be speaking the same language because I see little expressions of tender love in all the right places. It melts all the economic/negative garbage out of my brain like snow in the sunshine.

stan said...

I totally comprehend your sentiments being single guy myself and yearning for a family. Quite insightful entries here.

SJ said...

I think you should marry a singer and have an indie folk band together and raise your children to play your musical instruments...you could do a family tour...like the 70's...ummm now that I think about it this could be cool or lame. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

and I was also in the phoenix airport that same weekend. we just keep missing each other. maybe in the next life.


Dainon. said...

Maybe, Anonymous person ... maybe.

The Ordeel said...

That's nice, what you wrote there.