Friday, April 03, 2009

I love a rainy night.

I had a pretty amazing dream last night, one that I can recall the feeling of more than I can the details that went along with it. Remembering it now, almost 24 hours later even, I am still reeling at the power that came with this one.

The significant part of it, I suppose, was that I was with someone who I was absolutely convinced was my best friend on the planet. I loved to be with her and she appeared to like me enough to allow me to take her everywhere I went. She made me feel warm and secure and completely at peace.

She’s one of these ageless beauties, see? I recall having the feeling that she was and is one of those who could have been either 20 or 40 and still she pulled stares. She was one to look at, yes. Only, well, that wasn’t the whole of it. That was second (or even third) to the feeling generated between the two of us. I looked at her plenty, but felt more, just by being around her.

I awoke not in love, per se, but feeling very loved. And, sure, I slept in later than usual, but wouldn’t you want that kind of magic to continue? Wouldn’t you want your subconscious and conscious to strike a deal and allow you to feel that way forever, whether you ever tied the knot or, hmm, not? Wouldn’t that be some kinda divine?

I’ve only met this woman once, and it was a very brief meeting. We were at one of those blessed outdoor summer concerts. It was so incredibly brief that, when I found her online earlier today and attempted to jog her memory for a spell, it took a lot of jogging to get her to remember it. But that doesn’t even matter.

There was a lot of tripping—no jogging to speak of—when I tried to tell her how beautiful it was. I tried to convey how close I felt to her and, if she were closer, how I wouldn’t think twice about giving her one of those hugs, because it’s how I felt. It’s a feeling that lingers now. If I’d had gone into it much more than that, I would have crossed the friend-to-freak line, so I stopped short of being effusive.

She didn’t get it then, I don’t think. Probably doesn’t now, either. But I get to feel this way about her, no matter what the reality really is. The fact I can even feel such a way, even after something as simple as dream, well, that’s almost enough. The mind is a powerful, powerful thing.


TC said...

I used to dream I could fly, and often had out-of-body experiences also.

Aren't dreams the mind's video games?

erita said...

i love the power of dreams that continue to color the rest of my day. . .i just bask in the warm glow and try not to remember the details, for in the grasping they vanish. . .

sir mister landlord sir said...

That's funny.

carly said...

oh eddie rabbit, would this be considered a wet dream? i mean, just because it was raining? and talk about dream girl! oh the irony!

the fantasy is always better than the reality.

but i still am jealous of the girl in your dreams. i want to kick her hard. (in your dream, not in real life.)

Dainon. said...

I wish I could express how amazing I felt. I wish my words did not limit the magnitude of this experience. And, for that, I apologize.

Christian e Naomi Sampson said...

who knows could be a premonition on what to come.. dream or not, what makes you feel that good and happy, it is possible! :)

Kimmy said...

I loved reading this. That happened to me once MANY years ago and even though time has passed and I'll never forget it.

I think that was the Lords way of showing you the happiness that awaits you in the future. :) She will be worth the wait.

ewesa said...