Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Music Man.

So I recently decided to review concerts I go to again. It just makes sense. I used to do it all the time ... it was, after all, my only way into shows during my lean years (and there were a lot of lean years). And, well, it was incredibly fun. Trading my words and thoughts for two or three hours of music? Why not? I rarely thought of it as more than that but, recently, I did some re-reading of some past reviews and decided, you know, maybe it was. Maybe there was a skill there that I'd left behind. I dunno. It's sorta part of this whole re-discovery of who I am as a writer (attached to the fact I am penning poems all over again). But maybe that's deeper than I intended to go. I'll go ahead and leave it at that.

The short story is, I'll be reviewing shows for the City Weekly now. I'll throw up links here as they come out. Case in point, should you want to hear about the amazing Brandi Carlile show from last weekend, here's your link ... CLICK. Thank you, drive through.

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