Monday, April 20, 2009

Record Store Day Recap.

There are so many things I loved about Record Store Day last weekend. So, so many things. It’s weird that a day I totally missed last year felt like it meant so much to me this year. When a bulk of the new generation of music lovers is being raised in a society where they’ve never set foot in a music store, much less paid for most of the music in their library, it feels good to take a step back, discovering all over again why a place like Slowtrain needs to exist. I totally mean that. In no order at all then, here are some things I loved about last Saturday.

1. 10 CDs for five bucks. Seriously? I was thumbing through the $1 a disc boxes and finding a lot of diamonds in the rough when that little informational tidbit made its way to me. Most of the albums I ended up came out in the last year, too. Among them: Wild Sweet Orange’s “We Have Cause To Be Uneasy,” The Dears’ very excellent (and very layered) “Missles,” Mason Proper’s “Olly Oxen Free” and The Love Letter Band’s “This World Be My Church.” That's enough, right? Oh, I ended up with 10, don’t you worry. A pretty solid 10 even.

2. One of that solid 10 was the Mother Love Bone disc from 1992. Sweet Stardog Champion! Man, that took me back to my days of loving grunge and nothing but. The best part about that is, well, I sold my copy in college (as I was wont to do in order to, oh, buy food and pay rent and stuff), as much as I had liked it. Now it has made its way back to me. It was meant to be. Obviously.

3. Feeling myself getting a sunburn as I watched The Devil Whale doing its thing behind the store and realizing, just like that, summer may actually be back to stay this time.

4. Snagging the second to last copy of Wilco’s new tour documentary “Ashes of American Flags,” which contains a link to free downloadable audio of 20 songs from the DVD (something only the RSD copies will actually include).

5. Also picking up the plenty artistic making-of Neon Bible, Arcade Fire’s last album, something they’re calling Mirror Noir. I’m hoping I’ll be okay with the fact I got the regular version instead of the deluxe one. I caught a bit of this over Pitchfork way and think I’m in for a real treat. Music movie night?

6. Wandering across the street between bands and meeting one store owner’s dog, an English Bulldog named Hannah (see photo). She was a drooly mess of a thing, sure, but I fell in love with her. I think the feeling was mutual, too, because she kept dropping her slobbery jowls on my foot as she chewed on her huge stick. The desire to get one of those has not gone away. Not in 8 years’ time.

7. Bringing my bike out and riding all over downtown with my friends, not stopping until we’d found some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (three cheeses! sundried tomatoes!) and chocolate pudding. And, if you’ve never been to Gourmandise, having some pretty pleasant conversation and eats on their patio on a sunny day = WIN.

8. Discovering RuRu, who played at some point, was just a local 16-year-old ... and that he had an album on hand for me to add to my pile. Sounds like Bright Eyes with vocals that are smoother on the ears. If you haven’t heard him yet, prepare yourselves: he may become your new favorite thing.

9. Receiving a gifted box of Girl Scout Cookies in the mail, heavy on the chocolate and peanut butter. Bliss.

10. Ending the day with quite possibly the best Brandi Carlile concert I’ve yet seen. Okay, so I’ve seen her just twice, but she completely blew me away. It could not have been better if she had tried to make it so. Kept me on the cloud I’d been on all day before her. Wow, just wow. (See that classy vid I took below)

11. Oh! And free Este pizza. The one slice I got teased more than satisfied but, still. Free. You can’t really go wrong with that.

I wish every day was Rex Manning, er, Record Store Day. I’d be broke after a month but, wow, what a glorious month it would be.


Cindy said...

"I have you made out to be hip in my mind and then you go and say things like, 'Who's Conor Oberst?' and I wonder if you're not as cool as I think you are."

Does Brandi Carlisle have a new album coming out?

carly said...


you seem very happy these days. VERY.

reason enough not to run the marathon = record store day.

i ran the marathon and it put me down. i would have totally rather have gone to record store day.

i also had tickets to the State Room. throw those into the fire with my ben kweller tickets.


p.s. just kidding. about the marathon.

heather said...

i love love love this post and you made me happy because i missed all this kind of fun stuff this year. maybe my next year will be as good as your this year. thank you for detailing it.

enjoy them cookies.