Friday, April 17, 2009

Road runner.

Is it bad that I am finally choosing NOT to run the half marathon happening tomorrow that I already signed up and paid for a few months back? I had some pretty high hopes to train through this nasty Utah weather, too. Even started training pretty regularly until that great mystery illness hit me over the head like a bag of hammers a while ago. Then the rain and the snow and the slush and the cold kept me far away from the park. Now? I'm pretty much untrained and unmotivated. At least I don't feel bad about it. Not that bad.

Okay, maybe a little. But I blame you, Mother Nature.

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SJ said...

I feel the same way. The plague of death that hit me a couple weeks ago has thwarted my plans as well...although on a much smaller scale with a 5k. Long live Utah Spring, but may it give us the sunshine and flowers we need to get us out the door and running again.