Monday, April 06, 2009

They ain't got what we got.

She ruined the plan, the one she didn't know about yet. There was a part of it that she was supposed to stick to—she had the sense to know that much—but Wyoming and its snow got in the way. It slowed everything right down a notch or five. She and her brother wouldn't be around to sing lullabies into our microphones after all. Such was the wrench in the spokes. She could have maybe sensed she was supposed to fall for a DJ who fell for her sounds only weeks before but, if she did, she didn't let on. Made nary a mention of it.

Lucky then, that they still made it in time to open a concert. They had such fun together. The stage was certainly their playground, though, instead of swings and merry-go-rounds, they'd filled it with a trumpet and some keys and plenty of blessed guitars. There were even a bunch of ragged smilers up there as their backdrop, no less. Australia got welcomed pretty warmly by Utah that night. The music was slow enough to fill what needed to be right up.


greenatty said...

wow-i like these guys. do you enjoy arthur and yu?

Dainon. said...

Love 'em. Haven't seen 'em live, but I spend ridiculous amounts of time listening to their songs. Glad you enjoyed this ... I just love how casually she picks up the trumpet with one hand and starts playing, almost like it's an afterthought.

greenatty said...

i've been enjoying A Book Like This - it was a nice simple surprise. How are their other EPs? Arthur & Yu are lovely indeed :) In these rough times, my ears, soul and heart are craving the softer sides of music lately.. I enjoy your choices of music--your recommendations are greatly appreciated.