Saturday, May 02, 2009

9 things making me happy tonight.

1. Combing through my mustache with a special fine-toothed mustache comb and realizing that I can no longer see my upper lip. It is as thick as it is beautiful. It's taken six weeks or so to get to this point, but it's been worth it. I can't wait to reveal this thing in a couple of days, but parting with the beard will be some sweet, sweet sorrow.

2. Sandalwood incense burning up a storm and filling my room with an impossibly good scent.

3. A spring cleaned bedroom. It took most of the day, but I now have clean sheets and vacuumed floors and an organized end table and on and on. I don't mind it when it's messy, but I sure love it when it's not.

4. A stack of poetry books now waiting patiently on the aforementioned end table. I need to reacquaint myself with my old friend Billy Collins. It's been far too long.

5. Being hugged by my bed while writing. It feels like it's been reborn. Maybe I ought to wash my sheets and blankets and such more often? This is one big King-sized cloud now, it is.

6. The chill in the air. I've finally gone ahead and closed my window, but ... my run at the park tonight should have lasted five hours long. If only my legs would have allowed it. It was electric and invigorating and clean. Perfect running weather.

7. Talking with a good friend and attempting to figure out together the intricacies of life and love out. Having empathy and bouncing ideas off of one another and knowing, for whatever mysterious reason it is that I don't quite get, that everything will work out eventually. It sure sounds cliche, too, but it always, always does.

8. Rediscovering the last Spiritualized album and finally understanding its worth to discerning ears everywhere.

9. Being alone on a Saturday night and not feeling the slightest bit lonely.


TC said...

1) Maybe I should try removing the beard and reinforcing the stache.
2) One of my favorite aromas, rarely use burnt incense anymore though.
3) What about the other rooms?
4) I should read more poetry, April's National Poetry Month is not enough.
5) Hang the sheets outside to dry next time.
6) I get chilled enough during winter, being chilled in spring and summer is not to my liking, much.
7) Talk is cheap but sometimes you sure get your money's worth.
8) Pretty good music (It's actually better than "pretty good" but explaining emo music is very subjective).
9) I was alone Saturday night too. And felt its companionship somewhat lacking.

Amy said...

I found your blog linked through a friend's blog, who linked through another friend's bog, who, for some reason, linked through a friend of a friend of a friend who now lives in Greece. Ok, that only made sense to me.

Anyway, what a great read! I was entertained for quite a while, while I probably should have been working. Oh, well.

I'll definitely be back to check out the 'stache.

k8 said...

writing in bed is the best.