Friday, May 15, 2009

David Williams and his Echo.

It wasn't too long ago that I was able to manage getting Utah's own David Williams into the KRCL studio to play a few songs. I had to leap a few obstacles in a single bound in order to make that happen but, once all fell into place, I was pretty happy with this acoustic afternoon. I've seen him perform before this and after a couple times even, but there's something about sitting at a musician's feet (well, near them) and hearing his heart poured into one of his songs that makes it hard for you to want to hear it any other way. It was Band of Annuals who went on to make this relatively famous round these parts, but David is the one who penned, recorded, sang and played it before they got their hands on it. I almost thought I had to choose one over the other, too, but that was before I decided I can like 'em equally. What do you think of this tune?


Jamie said...

In complete awe. Thanks for sharing!

carly said...

i think i like him more and more... especially his new stuff. seeing him at the loft was like a dream. THAT was a good night. really good.
so to answer your question. i like this tune.

eleka nahmen said...

Thanks for posting this..I've loved David ever since I accidentally purchased his CD at Slowtrain a couple years ago, and Echo is my fave of all his pieces.