Sunday, May 17, 2009

It is the season for bonfires.

I warmed myself by one last night. I got mesmerized by it, too, staring long and hard at it its center while sticks and logs were repeatedly thrown on and conversation kept up and a guitar was passed around and song after song after song was sang ... all in the name of a good friend getting older. It was nice. Still smelling of smoke the this morning was a good way to wake up, I don't care what anybody else says otherwise.

One of the best parts about it, though, happened when someone I didn't know began playing what sounded like Cat Stevens' "Father And Son." I like that song enough to sing along and turn the lyrics over in my head and go so far as to apply them to my own life. And nobody ever does that with a song, do they? Anyway, the following couple lines were plucked out of a conversation that really happened.

ME: "Oh! This sounds like Cat Stevens! You know Cat Stevens?"
SHE: (following a pause) "She went crazy, right?"

Reminds me of a certain line about Billie Holiday from Clueless. Remember the one? I laughed long and loud. It'll happen again, too, I can pretty much guarantee that.


Lizbot said...

Well, I'll be...I bonfired on Saturday night, too, in Millcreek. First, Living Traditions, then bonfires. What are you going to copy next from my life? ;)

Dainon. said...

It gets better ... I had Sudanese food at the festival as well. True story.

Lizbot said...

Ha! That's fantastic. We're like kindred spirits.

Rachel said...