Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Louisiana hayride.

Louisiana was good to me. Someday I'll recall all the delicious Cajun eats I put in my mouth there but, for now, I'll only recall I was fed very well, on account of some good cooks and old-fashioned Southern hospitality. The photos below reveal at least one of those eats: crawdads. There were lots and lots of those poured over a table. We wasted no time in learning how to pop them open and proceeded to make a very, very small dent in the mountain before us. If you should think of visiting anytime soon, shoot for crawdad season, eh? What kind people to provide as much as they did. I can practically still taste the hand-squeezed lemonade. I'll likely always remember that welcome humidity even, along with the gnats that came with it. Perfectly played.

In other news, I think I'm walking fairly okay, four or five days after The Incident. The one where I ran across a street to snap a photo on the wrong side of the tracks (natch), only to find a broken beer bottle with my foot, the one that went clear through my shoe? That one. I prolly have glass lodged in my foot still, but at least I can run on the thing. Yesterday proved that for three miles straight. No more gimpy limp for me! And, you know? The fact my phone stayed behind someplace is fine by me. Lost, misplaced or left behind, it's been a welcome challenge learning how to live without. I rather like it. Life made simpler is a better life indeed.


SJ said...

The stache makes you seem like you belong. Or that you're from the 70' does that chair in the background ;)

The Soviet said...

yum yum yum yum yum.