Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snippets of the nighttime thinkers.

11:24 PM me: someone asked me today if i ever feel alone
i don't like to think about it
11:29 PM she: why not?
do you?
11:30 PM me: i do. sometimes.
11:31 PM is feeling alone different from pangs of loneliness?
she: hmmm
that's an interesting question
i am just on the initial notes my of journey learning how to be alone
but i do know that sometimes pangs come
and things seem worse than they really are
11:32 PM and i know that the next day i almost always feel better. i reconnect with a friend, i take some time for myself, i run, i do something in the garden
and it passes
but i do believe that humans are built for companionship
11:33 PM and i haven't quite figured out yet what to do with the part of me that likes having someone next to me when i sleep, or there at the dinner table to talk to
it's quite the beast
this loneliness
me: true.
11:34 PM the deeper the connection with someone, the less lonely i feel.

11:44 PM me: i might never quite get this life
or my place in it
she: for what it's worth,
me: though it makes me think
she: i think you're doing exceedingly well
me: think so, eh?
11:45 PM that's nice of you
she: yep
i do
me: i enjoy each day
i find beauty in a lot
i like to give to others
11:46 PM much more than receiving
i like discovery
i appreciate a sense of mystery
there is such possibility around every corner
she: it's utterly refreshing

12:02 AM
she: goodnight, you
me: goodnight moon

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Sherpa said...

Gorgeous conversation.