Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer X-Rays.

I know we're having one of those belated Spring seasons, I really do ... and it's okay, you know, because I never felt that season got a fair chance in Utah. Stretching it out some hurts no one. I'll temper my warm days with my rainy ones. I'll even be okay with mixing the two together (like today) and choosing to run in a damp fairly abandoned park versus a bright in the morning speed walker one. Still. Summer has my heart. Here are some words that help me remember why.

Summer X-Rays
by Nina Cassian


Fabulous days
with endless swims,
with algae around my waist
and convex tears on my cheeks.

Far away on the shore:
children shouting,
dogs with golden rings
circling their muzzles,
and rumors of abandoned memories.

I know what's awaiting me—
the winter of my discontent.
I have a reservation
outside on a hard bench
holding a bag of frostbitten potatoes.

That's why I swim so far out,
willing prisoner
inside the sea's immense green magnifying glass.


Despite all my inner crumblings,
I'm still able to recognize a perfect day:
sea without shadow,
sky without wrinkles,
air hovering over me like a blessing.

How did this day escape
the aggressor's edicts?
I'm not entitled to it,
my well-being is not permitted.

Drunk, as with some hint of freedom,
we bump into each other,
and laugh raucously
on an acutely superstitious scale
knowing that it's forbidden.

Could it be just a trap
this perfection
this impeccable air,
this water unpolluted by fear?

Let's savor it as long as we can:
quickly, quickly, quickly.

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jess said...

random comment not connected to your post. i need you to see the chicken here: it made me think of you first.