Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wake Up to Lullatone.

I’ve never been the type that needs help falling asleep. If I have any superhuman powers whatsoever, it’s that I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere at any given time. Don’t need drugs or blankets or warm milk. Don’t need nothing. Just give me a space to sprawl out on and I will out-snore you in seconds flat.

However, if I did need such a thing—and perhaps my bleary-eyed, insomniac friends should take note—I might pop in some Lullatone. Around since 2002 releasing what can best be described as soft ‘n twinkly lullaby music, this husband-and-wife duo prolly isn’t one you want to take in while at work. It’s quiet and dreamy and sorta sounds like it was composed on clouds, only with a Casio instead of a harp. Step into their world and your blood pressure goes down pretty much automatically.

Currently based in Nagoya, Japan, melody-maker Shawn James Seymour creates the landscape that wife Yoshimi occasionally sings on. She’s got one of those tiny voices, the kind accustomed for not waking anybody up. Ironic, too, considering he started out writing songs in the wee hours of morning, while she slept. It works, too, even if her lyrics sometimes border on being a little on the funny side (try “Good Morning Melody” for an example).

Close yer eyes and listen to "A Mobile Over Your Bed," just not while driving.

To hear more or to buy the latest compilation (for all of $5!), aptly titled “We Will Rock You… to Sleep,” visit their site and knock yourself out. It’s prolly lots cheaper than your Ambien prescription, after all.



C said...

People always tell me they love my music because they could fall asleep to it. I never flinched, so they couldn't tell how much this so-called compliment bothered me, but it really did make me feel. . .well, boring. After reading this entry, I can see how maybe helping people to fall asleep musically could be a good thing. I do rock the actual harp and not the casio, afterall. So, maybe I'll humphhh! less next time.

I'm going to have to check this duo out. I've never heard of them before. I always appreciate your musical recommendations. I'm a little busy with the bambino to discover much new music lately. I hope all is swell, D.

Jamie said...

Blissful! I think I have found my new favorite gift to give.