Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whispering as loud as I can.

Sometimes I wonder why I blather on and on about an artist or a song. There’s some part of me that is driven to share what I deem to be the good news and the good stuff, though, I have to stop and wonder … if I do it too much, does anybody listen? Do they stop caring? Do they go about disregarding what I have to say and feel like I’m just this half-crazed guy who always talks about music and can’t quite shut up about it?

Welcome to the inner workings of my pondering mind. It leaks out for all to see now and again.

Anyway, that aside, I can’t stop with sharing a semi-new artist to hit these ears: AA Bondy. He’s not all that new by the Internet’s standards (after all, he and his debut album, the very good and ultimately listenable American Hearts has been kicking around for going on two years now) and he’s not reinventing the wheel with his songs (he sings about the rain, the sea, vices and lovers and such), but what he does, he does really pretty well. His voice makes me think he’s adhered to and graduated from the Ray LaMontagne University of Longing Raspiness. What’s more, he wields himself a mean harmonica. Were he to sprout himself a beard, he and Ray could totally hang.

Mr. AA (not his real name) feels like some newfangled Western songwriting genius, only without the twang that attaches itself to the genre. Blame it on his Alabaman roots. This is the stuff the bars need to fill their new-fangled satellite jukeboxes with. It’ll keep the customers happy.

I listen to his album over and over and over and over again (that's four times in a row for the math-challenged). Not that you need my seal of approval on this thing. It's just that good is all.

But enough of that. Words, words, words. He’ll be here in Salt Lake City tonight at my favorite neighborhood bar, the Urban Lounge. He deserves your $12, too. Come sit at the feet of one of those budding around-the-campfire, storytelling sing-a-longing masters, won’t you? He’ll weave you some stories both new and old. You’ll leave the place a better person.

At least, that’s what I think.

For tix, go HERE
And to download some of his stuff for free (though you ought to be buying his album and praising it alongside me), go HERE


Sherpa said...

I've been listening and sharing Mr. AA's debut for several months too. He's a keeper

greenatty said...

man-when i saw AABondy open for teh Felice Brothers last year, having NO idea what i was in for-what a DELIGHT! i did not want him to end. i bought his CD at the show and have been in love ever since. the place went quiet for him. when that guy sings, feels like you're the only one in the room.