Tuesday, July 28, 2009

14 things I survived over the weekend.

14 things I survived over the weekend (a checklist of the remembered)

1. About 1,072 mosquitoes (approx.) taking turns tasting my sweet, sweet blood.*

2. One flat rear tire, noticed somewhere outside Jackson Hole, just after a night spent under the star-filled sky near one mama moose.

3. One mama moose, who masked her obvious camper hatred with huge mouthfuls of grass.

4. A wee “moderate to strenuous” 5-hr. hike that brought forth more blisters and scrapes on these hooves than all 30+ hours of the Wasatch Back Relay.

5. The initial shock of a cold mountain lake dip Sat. morning in the Grand Tetons.

6. The sharp pangs that accompany that old familiar disease, Writer’s Block.

7. A free hot fudge sundae care of one squeaky waiter in Blackfoot, ID.

8. Helpful friends who came after said sundae, wielding hungry, hungry spoons.

9. A surprise rainstorm, a subsequent wet sleeping bag and an even wetter pillow. All before sundown.

10. One confused soul who improperly pronounced my name “lard ass” and the other person in earshot, so obviously offended that she couldn’t stop laughing.

11. My own fits of laughter as a result of seeing a trail that ended in the words " ... Bend Overlook."

12. Many, many hours behind the wheel of my own hog, taking many, many bumpy surprise detours.

13. Actually passing up a fabled raspberry shake stand on the long, windy road back home. (And I’m sorry already, taste buds. Quit with the watering already.)

14. Countless stops due to bladders born too small.

And, you know? I can’t wait to survive all of this and more some other time, really, really soon. I can’t help but be thankful for good friends, the great outdoors, the month of July, the promise of sunshine and avocados. Especially avocados.

*It ought to be pointed out that many skeeters died by my heavy hand (brothers, sisters and grandparent skeeters in that mix), while four of them got good and yelled or cursed at. There wasn’t much survival on their end, either, not if I had anything to say about it (and I did ... I really, truly, sincerely did).


Lincoln said...

I don't know that I ever would have thought to add avocados to a list of things to be thankful for...but now that I see it written down...I concur.

heather said...

i love this. heartily.

shana said...

crazy. i was there the same weekend (well, i left the tetons on friday). we took a trail up to amphitheater lake. the grand tetons are the most striking mountains i have ever woken up to. lucky me. the mosquitos left me alone.