Friday, July 10, 2009

Bon Iver stops by.

bon iver sound check

Last night, I didn't see much of the show. Sorry to disappoint. It sounded really pretty great and I liked running into a whole mess of friends and family for hours on end, but I can't offer much of a review. I can say I didn't ride my bike away disappointed, but I didn't see enough of either concert to offer more of an opinion than that. Too many other people were there to see the same thing I wanted to. That aside, can I just send you to my friend Emily's blog for you to understand a lot of the same feelings I was feeling? I'm gonna do it, right meow. Because today, well, she took the words right outta my mouth ... and also because I'm just that lazy. It's Friday, what can you expect? Clickety click here, won't you? Spanks.

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