Thursday, July 09, 2009

What about Fernando?

You know, everybody is pretty amped to see Bon Iver tonight at the Gallivan and, having seen him just a few months ago at Sasquatch (pretty much right in front of the stage, no less), I can get behind that. And, sure, there are going to be 6,000 others all battling for a spot on the little green spot of putting green they have there; I'll even be one of them. All of that aside, though, why isn't anybody talking about Jenny Lewis, the band's opener? She can throw down a pretty good show as well. She's our era's indietastic Dolly Parton. I can still remember when she debuted the power of "See Fernando" over yonder at Kilby. Everybody clambered to get a recording of it before it ever got properly released, too. So, sure, Bon Iver will makes hearts ache and a whole lot of people pretty happy (for free, no less), but ... BUT ... he's no Jenny Lewis in a short skirt. And I sure want to hear "Carpetbaggers" tonight, in a bad, bad way. That's all I'm saying. See the rest of you there, eh?


emj said...

my girlfriend!

Ms. White said...

i want to know how it went! she's a doll and then some!

Dainon. said...

I wish I could share more than, well, it sounded great and it felt great to be out amongst friends, but that's all I can offer. I couldn't see very much of it as it was pretty crowded. What I did see I liked. Lots.