Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Meditate the moon.

There is so much I like about a moon—the moon—whether it be entirely full or not. I don’t think it’s quite there tonight (my calendar says we’ve a couple nights of its white light to go yet), but I still enjoy the gauzy haze that surrounds it. Might be incredibly high fog, might be clouds, might be one of those mystery moon shadows ... may even be blurry eyes in this thinking-too-much head I own up to in these wee small hours. It’s one of those werewolf or vampire moons out there, complete with the hundreds of summer crickets chirping in almost-unison and just the slightest hint of a cool in the air, the one that’s been gone too long these last several weeks.

You can get lost in it all if you let yourself.

There is some peace to just being in its presence; there is a pristine beauty there I don’t know that I can fully describe. I feel it. There is a constant pull of intrigue and a nagging desire to lasso it in a little closer. I also like that, even if I wanted to, my point ‘n shoot camera wouldn’t be able to fully capture what I was staring at and turning over in my head. The mental snapshot will do ... it will have to ... and the memory will suffice. I do hope it burns bright when a moonlight hike takes place not too far from now. My skin’s been aching for one of those moon tans after all.

Goodnight, moon.


heather said...

goodnight stars.
goodnight old brokedown cars...

sir mister landlord sir said...

Speaking of trying to point-n-shoot the moon. I tried to do that with my camera phone a couple weeks back when an especially yellow moon was hovering over my condo—and not so much as a hint of the moon showed up in my viewfinder.

Crazy soulless moon, not showing up in pictures.

Moon. Moon. Moon. Moon. Camera up. No more moon.