Monday, August 10, 2009

Run for the border.

There's plenty for to complain about this evening, though I've never been one prone to airing my grievances out in print: emotions are far too temporary to do so. My heart's been heavy for one thing after another these past several days and I've had to take my aggressions out in (among other things) many, many games of ping pong (oh, yes ... really). I readjust and move on. I search for the reason for the day or the weekend or entire week to get better, find it, clamber towards it and go about hanging onto it for dear life. For inst: this Monday was some bad news. In that all too stereotypical world of Mondays harboring up the doom as well as the gloom, this one did a number on me. But switching up my car for my cruiser and biking from place to place this afternoon? I really, really liked that part. That's the part of my day I choose to put under my magnifying glass. Maybe this foretells my next life path as a courier. Maybe.

On that note, I'm lucky enough to visit Mexico City once again, care of my job. It's been a good year and s'more since I had my fun over there. I ended up plenty inspired by the sights and sounds and experiences that surrounded me ... and it all bubbled over and came out in words I'm still pretty proud of. (To read what I mean, go HERE.) Sure, I'll be working. But, you know? There will be a crazy amount of tacos to eat. There will be all new experiences to fill these eyes up with. I may even fall in love with what I do for a living again. It's been far too long since that's happened. There's hope in that. Here's to believing.

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fabiola said...

I believe ! oh i BELIEVE !

(this sounds better with a southern baptist accent)