Friday, September 18, 2009

Joshua James & his Black July.

Quasi-local* Joshua James stopped by KRCL a few weeks ago to play us a few songs off his new album (as well as one pretty spot-on rendition of Sun Kil Moon's "Glen Tipton"). He's on tour right now for a couple of months, playing his music for all to hear and, well, I'll go on record right here and now and say he deserves whatever he's got coming to him. Nicest guy in the world, it's true. Opening for Ben Harper and Ani DiFranco? Yeah, he's done that. No. 1 folk album on iTunes? He's riding that wave right now, too.

Enjoy this little stripped-down version of "Black July" ... but don't let those pretty harmonies fool you. It's one of the heavy hitters in its recorded form. Me, I'll take it either way.

Watch for his second album (Build Me This) when it finally drops next Tuesday, the 22nd (but, if you're anti-CD at this point, you can find it on iTunes already). It's so, so worth your ear time.

*Born and raised in Nebraska, but currently living in Utah, where he met his wife

click here for the vid


heather said...

i want to see the coal war/sun kil moon montage.....
gracias for this one.

Sherpa said...

I heard this guy open for the Swell Season a couple of years ago in B-more. Nice voice and I'm glad his career is starting to move.