Tuesday, September 29, 2009

These United States in Salt Lake tonight.

A very brief history of my exposure to These United States (the Band, yes)

This will be quick. Try and keep up.

I heard These United States on a compilation put out by a blogger. I still have the CD, though I don’t recall who said blogger was or even what that gem of a song was. I should correct that. Anyway, I played it a lot, I liked it a lot … and I remember being drawn to how well he could do some kinda whisper-speak flow thing behind the microphone. Not a ton of bell and whistles, no, but that didn’t matter. This was new and unique. Hooked.

First album drops last year, one called A Picture of the Three of Us. Some really, really good gems in there (and, in a past life, Jesse Elliot was a free-flowing rapper, I think). Potential all over the place. A little too quiet and sleepy for me to stay interested the whole way through, but songs like “King of Aces” and “The Business”? Nothing but money. Money in the bank.

That same year, these ambitious kids go out and partially reinvent themselves with the sometimes-countrified (and, to be fair, sometimes not) Crimes and I was more than intrigued. I knew I knew a good thing when I heard it. I don’t know if it ever did for them what it should have, but it was the sound of a band gaining its legs. If you haven’t already made its acquaintance, you really oughta be friends.

Everything Touches Everything is their music of 2009, only with its muscles fully flexed. What they sound like now sounds nothing like they did in the beginning. Had to even double check if it was the same band I once knew. They write fantastic songs, they have a sound that is easy on the ears and there’s ye-e-e-earning all up in there. I play it over and over lately, but, at the onset, I had “I Want You to Keep Everything” or “I’m Gonna Assemble A City” or “Will It Ever” on repeat. If you needed a convincer, this one would do the trick.

Now I need to see them live. And I can ... and I will. Tonight. Missed them at MONOLITH, but saw an acoustic kind something that more than intrigued me in the right direction. They’re playing tonight at Urban Lounge and deserve your time and love and devotion. Even better? Slim Cessna’s Auto Club is opening … and, from what I’m told of them, if you like gospel in your rock, this is one to tap into. And I do … I so do.

Also, if you want to check them out on KRCL around 5 today, they’ll be there. Listen to what they have to say. It’s free. What more do you want?


Angora Holly Polo said...

I love this video for Kings and Aces, nice choice!

Amberlynn said...

Valerie is on my lap right now. I clicked on this post and she jumped off my lap (after viewing the first pic) and said, "that's scary mom. I don't like that." Ha, ha. Thought I'd share.