Friday, October 30, 2009

I pretty much love Halloween.

Not Zeus. Not Santa with a fish tail. Not some kind of confused king precariously mixed with a drag queen. Nope ... but they were all real good guesses. I like being something or someone for the holiday that others can't quite pick out right away. The ambiguity and mysteriousness are reasons I dig on Oct. 31 after all. I was King Triton today ... from that cartoon everybody's already seen. Even though I walked like a stumbling drunk, even though I had pins poking me on a consistent basis, even though I had synthetic hairs in my mouth pretty much always and even though people pushed me from building to building like I had no use of my legs (and, to be truthful, mermen don't have legs anyway) ... it all pretty much ruled. Long live Halloweekend.


Kilee said...

Kayzha just walked up and asked, "Is that Santa Claus?" where on earth did you find that?!

Dainon. said...

I have very creative, generous friends.

SJ said...

How unique