Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday is meant for musing.

Only the depressed ones are revered as true artists. Only the ones with their souls torn in two are given any real notice or credibility. So, given the fact I feel relatively normal and am generally among those in the well-adjusted category (though some would certainly take issue with that), my poetry is all for naught. My musings beyond the poetic ones are also cast aside. I prolly won’t be published in the poetry journals that want someone with a vocabulary much greater than mine and past acquaintances can finally stop saying things along the lines of, “So, when am I going to get to read your bestseller?” Nobody wants to hear how happy a person is.

With that knowledge then, I can shout it out and be alright with it: I am incredibly, undeniably happy. Is it that I’m merely content or that I have joy? Eh, I believe it’s some of both. I wanted to remember this long moment for the happiness that comes inside it, so I set about discovering it this morning. This sunshine in mid-October and the bit of a bite in this air thrills me. I scored a couple winter squash at the Farmer’s Market, along with a lemon beef empanada and cream cheese danish and it ended up being one of the best starts of the day ever. The good friends I surround myself with are my warm blankets. A good chunk of silence left to think inside—much like this one, sometimes touched with music—it is like my manna from heaven. These are all pieces of this long equation that I try to add together to make sense of the end result, but I’m not even sure I can pinpoint a specific reason for my present state of mind. Perhaps I’ll just chalk it up to caffeine, right?

It’s true I’ve no real somebody special in my life, but I have love in it. I may not have the world’s lone perfect job, but I find perfect parts about the one I do have all the time. My family isn’t like yours or much like anybody’s that I know of, but it’s filled with good people you’d do well to know. It’s so good to see past the impossibility and keep your eye on that horizon of the absolutely possible. So much can happen. So much will.


Moonbird said...

ah. yes.

Lincoln said...

That was inspirational. I think that's better than any bestseller.

greenatty said...

Just when i was feeling way down on myself and this world, and magnifying any 'hurt' I could find, i go and read this. Thank you. I needed a good smack beside the face to see all that is good.
How are you not taken? :P You exude gold

shana said...

what exactly was in that creme cheese danish :) ?

Ninny Beth said...

this is a true and well told story.