Saturday, October 10, 2009


Sometimes skipping yoga for Jimmy Page on the big screen is completely acceptable. Sometimes it makes you listen to Led Zeppelin immediately afterward. Sometimes it gets no better than "In My Time of Dying."
Sometimes turning on all the lights in the place makes it seem like there are others here. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with not wanting all of that solitude.
Sometimes days both start and end with cold cereal.
Sometimes Free Tetris on a Friday night are the most beautiful words in the world. Sometimes the words "I'll be right over" help improve on that.
Sometimes falling asleep in your clothes beats wasting time switching to pajamas. Sometimes they're just as comfortable.
Sometimes you get back at The Man by not brushing your teeth before bed. Sometimes you could burn the hair on somebody's face with that revenge breath from the night before.
Sometimes sleep comes a lot faster than you ever expected. Sometimes (and usually) you're completely okay with that. In fact, sometimes it makes you drift off before you quite


brother bombi said...

ooh! ooh! FINISH! Right?

Dainon. said...

Right, brother. So right.