Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday night live.

If I were king for a day and that day was today, I'd probably have Lisa Hannigan pop by the radio station and give this valley a little performance. I'd maybe manage to slip into the concert she's doing later tonight, that one where she's opening up for David Gray at Kingsbury (managing to slip out before David does a single head wobble bounce). And maybe, since I was king and all, maybe I'd talk her into a date or something. (Hey, I'm not blind over here.) Alas, I don't have that kind of power. I sure wish I did. If you're smarter than myself, you already have a ticket. If you're broke and still smart and don't have one of those normal 9-to-5 jobs like I do, you will go see the free in-store she's doing at Graywhale @ 2 PM. Watch the below video and get a taste of what it is the woman and her band can do. It's just too bad she can't do that whole free performance inside a real live pub, eh?

Watch it.

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