Wednesday, November 04, 2009

O Fanfarlo!

Fanfarlo is a great little band with a great big sound that hails from jolly old England. From the time they offered up their lone album for a whole buck previous to its release to it actually being very, very good to their going about dropping videos all over the internet, I've been consistently intrigued, amused and satisfied by what they've had to offer. I don't even mind that I don't know much more about their history, either, as they're in the process of writing it ... and they're doing so pretty incredibly fast.

I've a bad habit of going about comparing the music I like to other bands that I like, but I'll stop short of doing that here. Just know that Fanfarlo has done an incredible job combining and borrowing sounds I'm familiar with from other current bands and made a pretty comfortable one of their own. Hope that makes sense. Does it have to be groundbreaking or can it simply be good and solid? I'm of that latter opinion.

Go see them when they come to Salt Lake. They're at the State Room (638 South State) next Saturday, November 14th, and, well, they want to please you. They honestly do. Won't you give 'em your $10? I certainly will.


greenatty said...

you will thoroughly enjoy these lads and lady. the comparisons have been made...but determine for yourself or place elsewhere. unexpectedly caught them at SxSW this year and had no idea who I was listening to but loved them. so glad they're hitting SLC. will be seeing them next week here.

D'Arcy said...

most likely I shall.

Jamie said...

This album is on my want/need list and shortly will be on my own list.